Case overview


Class I




Expansion, Tipping, Rotation

Total treatment time

20 months

Treatment plan

Treatment summary

Patient Information

Age: 43
Gender: Female

Chief complaint

Expansion, Tipping, Rotation

Total Treatment time

20 months

Number of aligners

Series 1 - 25 aligners
Series 2 - 13 aligners
Total - 38 aligners

Aligner wear interval

10 days


Maxillary: Candid retainer
Mandibular: Candid retainer

Results achieved

Resolved Chief Complaint “Straighten my lower teeth”
Developed broad symmetrical arch forms via posterior expansion
Maintained CL I molar and canine relationship
Achieved good posterior occlusion
Uprighted collapsing upper/lower bicuspids
Achieved concentric midlines
Smile Arc esthetically improved
Resolved compromised lower anterior periodontal tissues

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