CandidMonitoring has had a profound effect on Dr. Hale's practice

"It's like having an extra assistant for me in the office."

"I was no longer seeing the patients in my chair every four to six weeks."

Free up valuable chair time while providing a high level of personalized care that makes every patient feel special and attended to, all from the comfort of your office. Elevate your practice with CandidPro and see more smiles in less time.

"When you can add 30 or 40 more patients per month..."

By distributing responsibilities among your team, our platform ensures that every scan is promptly reviewed, allowing for continuous patient progress without overloading your schedule. This approach not only enhances practice efficiency but also ensures high-quality patient care, enabling you to add more patients to your practice each month.

"I absolutely adore the orthodontists behind the scenes."

Seasoned orthodontists assist with each CandidPro case, ensuring precision and confidence in every treatment plan. This collaboration elevates care quality and reduces time spent on case design, allowing you to focus more on patient interaction.

"The AI will tell you if your teeth are dirty too... It's like having a hygiene coach."

CandidMonitoring's innovative AI doesn't just monitor aligner fit1; it also acts as a dental hygiene coach, reminding patients to maintain cleanliness for optimal oral health. This frequent feedback can transform patient habits more effectively than biannual reminders during check-ups.

"The whole CandidPro process makes leadership easier in my practice."

This robust support system ensures everyone knows their role and status in the treatment process, reducing confusion and increasing efficiency. Enhance your leadership by providing your team with the tools they need to succeed, and watch as both patient and staff satisfaction soar.

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1. Warning: the CandidMonitoring App is not intended to be used independently for diagnosis and does not replace clinical decision making.