CandidPro products and components just fit together so well for Dr. Flucke

"About the only thing they don't do is see the patients for you."

"This is so easy I can't imagine why somebody wouldn't want it."

From comprehensive support to proactive communications, our system ensures you're always informed and in control. Follow-ups, case approvals, and patient updates are streamlined into a seamless workflow, enhancing your efficiency and peace of mind.

"You have this incredible team of professionals behind you that are supporting you every step of the way."

CandidPro enhances your practice with direct access to experienced orthodontists, offering crucial guidance on every case. This partnership ensures you never feel isolated in decision-making, boosting your confidence and competence to deliver superior patient outcomes.

"Nobody asks, can I have more appointments please?"

CandidPro revolutionizes orthodontic care by minimizing the need for frequent office visits, thanks to our advanced AI monitoring technology. Patients appreciate the convenience of fewer disruptions to their daily lives, while practitioners can ensure treatment accuracy and progress remotely.

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