Dr. Brown was convinced to switch after trying a case and comparing side by side

"As soon as we got rolling on CandidPro, I was kicking myself that we kept encouraging patients on the old system."

"I accepted the limitations of my old system because that's all that was available."

Materials, manufacturing, and technology have all advanced in the decades since clear aligners were first popularized. And while many of our providers cite these as reasons why they switched, it's our streamlined system that includes orthodontic oversight and hands-on support in your practice that turn our providers into evangelists.

"Candid is at the forefront of an industry-wide evolution of treatment philosophy."

Through CandidPro's innovative approach to expansive orthodontics, practitioners are empowered to revise legacy methods, offering treatments that improve not just oral health but overall patient well-being and quality of life.

"You feel like you're in a sci-fi movie."

Our innovative CandidMonitoring system allows practitioners to engage closely with patients, offering regular updates and fostering a proactive approach to dental health. This method not only enhances treatment effectiveness but also deepens the patient-provider connection, making each step of the journey towards improved dental health interactive and reassuring1.

"It's going to be a record month with Candid."

CandidPro enthusiastically supports dental practices with innovative marketing strategies and campaigns like Love Your Smile Day, enhancing patient engagement and driving record successes. Our collaborative approach ensures tailored growth and continuous improvement in patient care.

"You've got someone to support you that's literally a phone call away."

CandidPro enhances dental practices by providing direct access to expert orthodontists, boosting confidence in handling complex cases. This support system ensures practitioners can confidently manage treatments with expert guidance readily available.


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1. Warning: the CandidMonitoring App is not intended to be used independently for diagnosis and does not replace clinical decision making.