Reducing chair time to almost zero generates goodwill with Dr. Jablow's patients

"In some cases if we don't need attachments, I'm telling the patient I'll see them when it's done."

"Every patient is getting looked at quite a bit more, but they don't have to come to the office."

With automated scan reviews from CandidMonitoring™, our providers can detect hygiene and tracking issues from simple digital records. It’s an innovative way to get more oversight with fewer office visits1.

"CandidPro is giving me an orthodontists that I can actually have a 1:1 consultation with to get a great result for the patient."

CandidPro providers get treatment planning support from US-licensed orthodontists at no additional cost. This collaborative service gives them an expert’s eye on every case, so they can be more confident that they’re delivering high-quality treatment.

"Is your aligner company doing everything it can to support you?"

Choosing the right aligner company goes beyond just the product; it's also about the support they offer. CandidPro excels in providing comprehensive assistance tailored to your needs, so you're never alone in your practice's journey. If you’ve been craving additional support and overall value from your aligner partner, it’s time to experience the CandidPro difference.

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1. Warning: the CandidMonitoring App is not intended to be used independently for diagnosis and does not replace clinical decision making.