Three criteria for your airway screenings

See how airway experts like Dr. Ben Miraglia screen patients for airway concerns

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Start assessing more patients’ airway health concerns with this free screening tool. Developed with our Vice President of General Practitioner Clinical Education, Dr. Ben Miraglia, this tool can help you accurately screen your next patient for airway issues with tips and techniques Dr. Miraglia uses in his own practice.

What's included

  • Dr. Miraglia’s three key criteria for airway screenings
  • Techniques for determining if a patient’s malocclusion may impact their airway health
  • Risks associated with not addressing malocclusion and airway issues

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“CandidPro is bridging the gap between clear aligner capabilities and airway health by empowering doctors like me with the clinical flexibility and expansion-focused features we’ve always wanted.”

Ben Miraglia, DDS

VP of GP Clinical Education

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