The clear aligner system designed for general dentists

  • US orthodontist guidance on every case

  • Best-in-class remote patient monitoring

  • White-glove business services

Dentists asked.
We delivered.

“You deserve a clear aligner solution that specifically understands the unique needs of dentists. With CandidPro you can expect predictable clinical results, more efficiency, and growth support for you and your team.”

Brian Gray, DDS
Chief Dental Officer at Candidpro

Why make the switch?

Everyday GPs and dental industry leaders alike are seeing incredible results using CandidPro's comprehensive orthodontic solution.

Our unique system of turnkey treatment technology, remote monitoring, and direct clinical support from US-licensed orthodontists enables them to handle more clear aligner cases and achieve the clinical outcomes they and their patients expect.

Industry leaders are switching to CandidPro— here’s why

Get predictable clinical results


of CandidPro cases finish with one or fewer refinements1

“With CandidPro clear aligners, I know I'm getting the results that patients and I want.” - Dr. John Flucke
  • Integrated treatment planning

  • Cases reviewed by orthodontists

  • Cutting-edge manufacturing

  • Leading dental technology

Gain efficiency and ease of use


CandidMonitoring helps you reduce the need for non-production appointments by 89% while also improving oversight2

“If I'm treating a patient without attachments—which is often the case with CandidPro's protocols—my clear aligner chair time is reduced to almost zero.” - Dr. Marty Jablow
  • View patient progress anytime

  • Protocols minimize need for IPR

  • Fewer attachments required

  • Everything seemlessly integrated

Practice growth support


CandidPro can deliver as much as $124k from a single production event3

“I’m more confident and getting more yeses from clear aligner patients with CandidPro.” – Dr. Lee Brown
  • High-touch partnership

  • Free marketing tools

  • Team member training

  • Patient-preferred convenience

"As soon as we got rolling on CandidPro, I was kicking myself that we kept encouraging patients on the old system."

Lee Brown, DDS
Faculty at Candid Academy

What your patients get with CandidPro

  • Orthodontic oversight

  • Full set of aligners

  • Premium whitening foam

  • At-home progress tracking

  • Additional aligners as needed

  • A straighter, healthier smile

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