75% of hygiene patients are living with malocclusion

CandidPro can help promote great oral health and overall health for patients—starting in the hygiene chair. [Article]


Around 75% of hygiene patients are living with some form of malocclusion(1). While the short-term impacts of malocclusion may be small, the truth is that a misalignment of the bite can put patients at risk for a range of severe issues down the road.

It’s time to start connecting malocclusion to hygiene.

Dental practitioners serve a key role in not only identifying malocclusions in your patients but also educating patients about why treating this progressive disease is imperative to keeping their natural teeth healthy. 

By addressing malocclusion with CandidPro clear aligners, you can deliver a functional bite and great smile aesthetics while setting up your patients’ teeth, gums, and bones for a lifetime of comfort.

Right now we’re giving away our most-requested resources to help doctors and hygienists perform occlusal assessments and educate patients. Download our top 4 tools here.

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1. J Dent Res. 1996 Feb;75:706-13.
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