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Why a straighter smile matters

The top 3 reasons straight teeth can change your life

Aaron Britt
Director of Content, Candid

Every day, we’re bombarded by images of people with perfectly straight, glowing white smiles. It can be overwhelming, and at some point we all ask, “Am I really going to get a better job, or find the love of my life if I move a couple incisors?”

A pretty compelling study from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) conducted by Wakefield Research suggests that the answer is yes. 

At Candid, we’ve heard thousands of stories from patients who talk about how their lives have changed, from newfound confidence to the ability to express themselves to overcoming trauma. We know that straight teeth really do matter, and here are three big reasons why. 

Improve your love life 

Your smile is one of the first things a person notices about you, and in the dating world, that first impression speaks volumes. Of the people who reported being unhappy with their smiles in the AAO study, 22% thought that straighter smiles would improve their social lives. 

Furthermore misaligned teeth represented the biggest dating turn-off among men and women—and for women, a bad bite was perceived even more negatively than a receding hairline. In fact, some 77 percent of women think crooked teeth are worse than a receding hairline in a potential love interest. 

Photo courtesy of Hinge Photo courtesy of Hinge

According to a 2017 report from the dating app Hinge, women who smiled while showing their teeth in profile pictures got 76% more likes than those who smiled without showing their teeth. And you can only imagine the amount of likes that will come pouring in when you show off a straight, bright smile. 

When you look and feel more like yourself, you'll project a confidence that will come right through your favorite dating app. Considering that with Candid clear aligners you can see results in as few as four months, you’re not that far from a smile that will have everyone swiping right.

Advance your career 

Of the respondents to the AAO study, a whopping 78% of Americans perceive adults with crooked smiles to be unsuccessful, and of those unhappy with their own teeth, 14% believed that they might be missing out on a better job because of their teeth. 

At Candid, we’ve heard time and again how patients have made advancements in their careers thanks to our clear aligner treatment. Not only do they feel more confident, but many are more willing to put themselves out there for a promotion. 

Patient Patty H. reports that since she completed her treatment, “I got a new promotion from my employer because of my new belief in myself.” 

She goes on, “it’s amazing just how much changes when we decide to do something worthwhile for ourselves.” 

A straighter bite is a healthier bite

A straighter smile doesn't just look good, it's far better for you as well. And when it comes to your oral health, straight teeth are a big deal. For one, they’re far easier to clean, meaning that a crooked smile can trap food and bacteria that you don’t want lurking around. 

According to a 2021 article in the New York Times, “Only within the past few decades have researchers begun to appreciate the extent to which oral health is inextricable from a person’s overall physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Gum disease has been linked to a wide array of disorders, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, premature birth and even respiratory infections.” 

Excessively crowded, spaced, and protruding teeth—the three most common bite issues we fix at Candid—have been linked to greater risks of gum disease, tooth decay, excessive tartar, excessive plaque, and more. 

Straight talk on straight smiles 

When it comes to straightening your smile, it's absolutely critical that you do it the right way. Candid only works with orthodontists to deliver patients healthy and aesthetic smiles. Because you’ll have a highly trained expert in the biomechanics of tooth movement designing and overseeing your treatment, you can be sure that your treatment is as good for your health as it will be for your prospects. 

Let’s get things straight.

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