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5 ways hygienists are helping drive excellent clear aligner outcomes

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Your National Dental Hygiene Month reminder that an aligned smile promotes great oral hygiene.

John Bergholz
Senior Brand Copywriter, CandidPro

Here at CandidPro, we think dental hygienists have a key role to play in surfacing clear aligner conversations with patients and helping share why misaligned teeth are much more than an aesthetic concern. 

Here’s what we love about dental hygienists:


They build rapport

The most trusted players on a patient’s healthcare team are often dental hygienists. That puts hygienists in a unique position to share vital information about a patient’s oral health that can then be reiterated by their dentist.


They know their stuff

Not only do hygienists know a ton about their craft, they also have a deep understanding of patients as individuals, and are experts at curating personalized treatment experiences that keep patients at ease.


They can spot issues early

Hygienists are the first line of defense and make sure emerging issues are documented. We believe that occlusal assessments are just one of the important considerations hygienists should make during their prophy appointments.


They work as a team

If hygienists spot issues like malocclusion, they can relay that information to the patient’s doctor for next steps. Armed with all the details collected by the hygienist, the doctor can then prescribe an appropriate treatment option to help the patient keep their oral health in peak condition.


They’re expert educators

If there’s someone in a dental office who is equipped to share detailed information with a patient, look to a hygienist. They’re often tapped to help patients gain a deeper understanding of their oral health, and how they can improve it. 

With the right training, we believe that hygienists are some of the best candidates for helping patients understand the risks of untreated malocclusion. By identifying malocclusion early and sharing how CandidPro clear aligners can help mitigate this progressive disease, hygienists can make a serious impact on the long-term oral and overall health of their patients.


Click to see how we’re helping hygienists curate productive conversations around malocclusion.


John Bergholz
John got his start in advertising, developing strategic messaging for a range of industry brands. He also helped launch a premier clear aligner education platform as their first Dean of Curriculum and has written website content for dental practices across the country.

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