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A next-gen retainer experience for our providers

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Announcing process improvements for how providers order retainers.

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Though 2023 is coming to a close, we are continuing to roll out new features and capabilities that will set up our CandidPro providers for a strong 2024 and beyond. In the last year alone, we’ve introduced support for mixed dentition, cutouts for elastics, IPR, attachments, and much more. Our latest release is focused on retainers and gives providers the ability to order retainers based on new diagnostics while improving how they place each order.

These changes reflect our commitment to responding to the needs of our CandidPro doctors. Feedback from our providers let us know that some were having difficulties ordering retainers. Many doctors also expressed a desire to use updated diagnostic records to create retainers for their patients. With this update, providers will now be able to conveniently order retainers based on new scans directly from their Portal. They’ll also be able to choose to either submit new diagnostics or order retainers based on the patient’s last aligner stage.

Offering the ability to order retainers based on new diagnostics means that those patients will need to return to the office after their CandidPro treatment has been completed. By having patients return to the office at the end of treatment, doctors will be able to evaluate their results in person. Additionally, our manufacturing team will have up-to-date records that will help us build retainers that are accurate to each patient’s anatomy. While we recommend new scans for retainers, we will continue to offer retainers based on the last aligner stage if the provider feels the end result matches the patient’s anatomy. 

“Retention is a critical part of orthodontic treatment that allows the patient to protect their investment in their smile,” says Chief Dental Officer Dr. Brian Gray. “Having the ability to order retainers based on current records will help our CandidPro doctors provide comfortable retainers that patients will want to wear as prescribed.”

We’ve also improved the ordering experience for retainers. Providers are now able to easily order and re-order retainers for their patients in their Portal using a prominently positioned button. This improvement will help get retainers to patients faster and reduce the time doctors spend on each case.

“Our new retainer flow just makes everything easier for providers,” says Tracey Hayse, Director of Product Management. “We listened to their feedback and built a solution that will help them spend less time with administrative work and more time supporting patients.”

Though these updates to our retainer workflows will help CandidPro providers drive efficiencies and increase their clinical confidence in the near term, this is only the start of a planned pipeline of retainer innovations slated for the coming months. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements as we continue to improve our retention platform for our doctors. 

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