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A better way to bring orthodontics to our patients

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CandidPro and Affinity Dental Management partnership.

Clear Aligner System

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2022 /Candid/ -- Clear aligner innovator, CandidPro and Affinity Dental Management are joining forces to bring CandidPro's Orthodontics as a Service model of partnership and support to Affinity's locations. With CandidPro's system, Affinity will empower its practices and patients with the clear aligner technology and expertise that set CandidPro apart.

Affinity Dental Management is a dentist-run dental service organization (DSO) that has grown from a single founding practice in 1999 to 35 locations across four states. Known for helping dental clinicians bring high-quality clinical technology and efficiency standards to their patients and teams, Affinity sees a like-minded partner in CandidPro.

"We believe there's a better way for our practitioners to bring orthodontics to patients," says Affinity's Dental Director, Dr. Mariz Tanious. "Partnering with CandidPro means our patients will receive comprehensive orthodontic care from our providers with the support of CandidPro's orthodontists. Our team and patients will save hours of chair time thanks to CandidPro's virtual progress checks."

"Our team and patients will save hours of chair time thanks to Candid's virtual progress checks." - Dr. Mariz Tanious

Orthodontic treatments often require in-person appointments to ensure patients' teeth are moving as predicted. CandidPro allows patients to take virtual progress checks with CandidMonitoring™ technology and share them with their doctor. This system tracks patient progress via the top-rated CandidApp™ and brings detailed oversight to clinicians from anywhere. 

Affinity also sees value in the expertise CandidPro's network of U.S.-licensed orthodontists can provide to clinicians. These orthodontists will support Affinity doctors in developing top-tier treatment plans.

"When choosing a clear aligner partner, we wanted to stay true to why our company exists—to enrich the lives of our team and patients," says Affinity's COO, Ariel Wiener. "We believe CandidPro and Affinity are aligned in this goal."

Already a high-demand treatment, the clear aligner market is anticipated to grow into a $32.3 billion industry by 2030. CandidPro aims to capture that growth by offering clinicians a lower barrier of entry to top-tier technology, deep orthodontic knowledge, and close partnership.

"Our goal is to meet our DSO partners where they are and take them to the next level," says Candid's CEO Nick Greenfield. "We're excited to bring our Orthodontics as a Service model to Affinity's partnered practices so they can bring their patients the high-quality clear aligner care they deserve."

About CandidPro‍

CandidPro offers a cutting-edge Orthodontics as a Service system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for doctors and patients. Since 2017, Candid has brought high-quality orthodontic care and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across the United States. Learn more:

About Affinity Dental Management

‍Affinity Dental Management, Inc. is a dental services organization that provides comprehensive management and administrative support services for dental practices across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. It was founded by endodontist Craig Saltzman in 2017 and has grown to a multi-specialty DSO with 35 locations. For more information, visit

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