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CandidPro brings more options and more control to clear aligner doctors

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CandidPro is putting more power in the hands providers, offering them more treatment planning choices that unlock the full spectrum of case complexity.

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NEW YORK, Mar. 6, 2023 /Candid/ – Candid, creator of the CandidPro orthodontic platform, has begun its launch of an extended set of clinical features powered by SoftSmile’s VISION software to bring doctors a more comprehensive clear aligner treatment planning experience. These new features complement CandidPro’s recently announced collaboration with Philips Sonicare, which will bring a fully integrated oral healthcare experience to clinicians. Taken as a whole, this rapid product expansion positions CandidPro as a true challenger to legacy clear aligner brands that have been slow to respond to the needs of their users.

“This next generation of clinical enhancements gives providers exactly what they want from a clear aligner platform,” says Candid’s Chief Operating Officer, Tony Morefield. “With more treatment modalities and more control over cases, we believe CandidPro doctors will be more equipped than ever to efficiently and effectively serve their patients.”

CandidPro’s signature, minimally invasive approach to clear aligners remains tantamount, however CandidPro doctors will now be able to incorporate IPR, attachments, bite ramps, and customizable treatment preferences into their treatment plans thanks to an integration with SoftSmile’s VISION software—and that’s just the start. CandidPro is giving doctors even more clinical control this year with cutouts for elastics, robust 3D controls, and more. 

“We’re putting more power in the hands of our providers while continuing to offer streamlined tools and support for complex cases,” says Dr. Brian Gray, Candid’s Chief Dental Officer. “Ultimately, we’re offering providers more choices based on their comfort level or the complexity of a case.”

These features add to CandidPro’s robust product offering that includes fully-calibrated patient monitoring (CandidMonitoring™) and engagement (CandidApp™), white-glove service, and highly precise appliance technology.  

“At the heart of these enhancements to the CandidPro platform is our complete dedication to our providers and the dental community,” says Candid’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Greenfield. “Our sights are set on becoming the practitioner’s choice for clear aligners, and that starts by empowering them with the tools they need to treat their patients confidently.”

About CandidPro

CandidPro believes that dentists deserve more when it comes to clear aligners. That’s why their orthodontic platform leverages best-in-class technology, a game-changing approach to partnership, and clinical expertise to give doctors more control, more convenience, and more happy clear aligner patients. Learn more at:



An orthodontic platform leverageing best-in-class technology, a game-changing approach to partnership, and clinical expertise to give doctors more.

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