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Dr. Brian Gray named Chief Dental Officer at Candid

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After 23 years working with other clear aligner companies, Dr. Brian Gray is realigning with Candid.

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NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2022 /Candid/ -- Few dental professionals can claim the level of achievement of Brian Gray, DDS. He's a Fellow in five academies and a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, where he's also been awarded the Lifelong Leadership and Service Recognition—bestowed on fewer than 200 dentists since its inception. Now, one of the most accomplished dental professionals is joining Candid as Chief Dental Officer as they seek to revolutionize the clear aligner industry.

"Competitors don't have the same cohesive team or commitment to innovation that Candid does." - Dr. Brian Gray, Candid Chief Dental Officer

Candid isn't Dr. Gray's first clear aligner partnership. Until recently, he served as a Global and North American Founding Faculty Member at a major clear aligner company. Working with Candid, Dr. Gray will help shape the company's approach to treatment, education, and growth.

"I worked with clear aligner companies for over 23 years," says Gray. "I'm realigning with Candid because competitors don't have the same cohesive team or commitment to innovation that Candid does."

Dr. Gray will find no shortage of innovation at Candid. The company is experiencing explosive growth—with a 500% increase in new providers through 2022—and its pipeline of product enhancements is expected to bring its clinical partners even more convenience and control over their clear aligner cases.

"Bringing Dr. Gray to Candid is like signing the top draft pick and a top-performing coach at the same time. As Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Gray will engage our CandidPro partners while also guiding the evolution of our clinical features," says CEO Nick Greenfield. "Our collaboration has already yielded great results, and we're looking forward to working together over the coming years."

About Candid

Candid offers a cutting-edge Orthodontics as a Service system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for doctors and their patients. Candid brings high-quality orthodontic care and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across the United States.

About Dr. Brian Gray

Dr. Gray has been a leader in new dental technologies for nearly four decades. He is a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry and a fellow in five other academies. He is a member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Gray was one of the first dentists to use clear aligners to change people's smiles and has taught the technique to more than 30,000 doctors over the past 23 years. As an independent clinical evaluator, researcher, and consultant, Dr. Gray has contributed to the development and delivery of hundreds of products used in the dental profession on a daily basis. Dr. Gray has given full-day presentations at over 30 dental schools, the Dawson Academy, the Kois Center and for over twenty years at the LD Pankey Institute, where he is currently a faculty member. Dr. Gray is a sought-after contributor to a number of dental journals, national periodicals, magazines, podcasts, and TV shows. He maintains a private, fee-for-service practice in Washington DC.

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