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Dr. David Little discusses CandidMonitoring in Dentistry Today

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The October edition of Dentistry Today featured a Quick Technique article by Dr. David Little discussing our CandidMonitoring technology.

Amanda Bottger
VP of Marketing, CandidPro

After a year of exciting advancements in our clinical capabilities and leaning into the opportunity to educate providers about the benefits that our CandidPro clear aligner system can offer, it's amazing to see that some big names took notice, tried us, and are happy with the results!

In the October issue of Dentistry Today, you'll fine none other than Dr. David Little discussing CandidPro and the role that CandidMonitoring is now playing in his clear aligner treatment oversight process.

“I simply could not imagine going back to having patients go unseen for months at a time. I am now much more connected with my clear aligner patients and the specialists I collaborate with on their treatment.” – Dr. David Little

Read the full article in Dentistry Today.

Amanda Bottger
Amanda specializes in content and strategy, building brands, and resonating with audiences to drive business growth.

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