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Dr. David Little podcast interview on treating with—and using—CandidPro

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Dentistry Today editor-in-chief, Dr. Paul Feuerstein, sits down with noted industry consultant and Candid Academy Faculty member, Dr. David Little.

Amanda Bottger
VP of Marketing, CandidPro

One of our newest Candid Academy Faculty members and CandidPro provider, Dr. David Little, recently spent some time on the Ten @ 10 podcast discussing his clear aligner experiences with Dr. Feuerstein.

For Dr. Little, the CandidPro clear aligner system provides a new level of treatment oversight and the value of integrated orthodontic treatment planning done in partnership with Candid's US-licensed orthodontists. He found our platform simple to use and able to provide him even more clinical comfort in treating his clear aligner patients. He also is currently a CandidPro patient, himself -- truly "putting his money where his mouth is."

Dr. David Little is a major influencer in the dental industry. He’s a practicing clinician, entrepreneur, teacher, researcher, and much more. We're so honored to have him share his CandidPro experiences with others in the industry.

Amanda Bottger
Amanda specializes in content and strategy, building brands, and resonating with audiences to drive business growth.

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