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Dr. John Flucke's review of CandidMonitoring for Dental Products Report

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Find out how CandidMonitoring has made a positive impact on Dr. Flucke's practice.

Amanda Bottger
Senior Director of Strategic Communications

This month we're honored to have Dr. John Flucke spend some time discussing CandidMonitoring and the benefits it can bring to dental practices. But it's not just about efficiency and reduced chair time - both of which CandidMonitoring can offer.

When it comes to treating patients with clear aligners, it's about gaining as much predictability as possible, even despite the things doctors can't always see and can almost never control: adherence, complexity, and biology.

"Considering so many practices offering clear aligner therapy struggle with efficiently completing cases, it may be one of your smartest decisions to evaluate this intelligent solution to see how it can benefit your practice. It has certainly made a positive impact on mine."

Read Dr. Flucke's full review of CandidMonitoring in the latest edition of Dental Products Report.

Amanda Bottger
Amanda specializes in content and strategy, building brands, and resonating with audiences to drive business growth.

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