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Introducing Enhanced PermaForm Clear Retainers

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The next generation of retention is almost here, with durable, comfortable, and highly effective PermaForm retainers.

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Over the last several months, our team has been working hard to develop and test the next evolution of our retention system. The result? The next generation of our PermaForm clear retainers. 

We just announced PermaForm at this year’s Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, and the response from providers is already validating how much care and effort we’ve put into this product. 

PermaForm takes our previous retainer design to the next level with thoughtful features that promote provider confidence and patient comfort. 

We’ve chosen industry-leading Zendura A as our retainer material due to its desirable combination of durability, crack resistance, and force retention properties. We want our providers to be sure that our retainers will hold their patients’ dentition in place comfortably while withstanding forces from regular wear.

Where many companies opt for a slightly thicker retainer, we narrowed in on a sleeker design that promotes patient comfort without sacrificing strength. This thickness delivers an ideal amount of durability and force retention while providing the patient a minimally invasive device that feels more natural. PermaForm retainers are made from material that makes them extremely discreet and nearly transparent when in use1. 

“As clinicians, we know that comfort is key to ensuring patients wear their retainers,” says Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Brian Gray who played a significant role in the design and testing of PermaForm retainers. “That’s exactly what we had in mind when designing our PermaForm retention system.”

Manufactured using a thermoforming process similar to CandidPro's aligners, PermaForm retainers provide a snug fit tailored to the unique dentition of each patient, instilling confidence in providers and ensuring optimal clinical outcomes.

Developing these advanced retainers was a true team effort involving countless members of our organization and our collaborators—a demonstration of our commitment to cross-functional collaboration. We’re all thrilled to bring this state-of-the-art retention system to all of our CandidPro providers this spring. 

We’ll be offering PermaForm retainers to CandidPro providers in quantities of 1–4 to start, and they will be available to any patient in need of a retainer—whether they went through treatment with CandidPro clear aligners or not—with convenient ordering in the Provider Portal. 

More information about the launch date will be provided over the coming weeks. If you have any questions about PermaForm retainers in the meantime, please reach out to your Account Executive.


1 Bay Materials Zendura A (data on file)
2 Data on file


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