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Lucky Thirteen: How These Practices Averaged 350% Case Growth

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When dental providers sign up for CandidPro, they get a lot more than advanced orthodontics.

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A well-planned CandidPro Love Your Smile Day event can drive up to $124k revenue in a single day1, but what happens after the event? We worked with thirteen practices to compare their pre-event and post-event case conversion volume to see what residual results a Love Your Smile could generate. On average, these practices saw an incredible 350% lift in conversions over the sixty days following their event2. 


Planning for success 

CandidSMILE engaged these practices to help them plan their Love Your Smile Day events. The CandidSMILE team and CandidPro Account Executives provided marketing advice, customizable assets, and a time-bound event planning process to help each team promote their event. Each practice also participated in regular follow-up calls to ensure progress was being made. 


Hosting a memorable event

Each practice executed their event with on-site assistance from their Account Executive. Many practices decked out their offices in themed decorations and offered attendees special treats for showing up. Using workflows from CandidSMILE, their teams moved patients through diagnostic and financing stages with ease to provide an efficient experience for every attendee.

“Our aligner production wasn’t very high before our Love Your Smile Day. With CandidSMILE, we drove 17 new case starts during our event and saw a 225% increase in total case conversions following our event. It totally set the tone for our year, and the methods we learned from CandidSMILE have helped us replicate that success at subsequent events, too.” – Lisa Strickland, DMD • Whole Tree Dentistry, Columbus, GA


Maintaining the growth mindset 

After their events, these practices followed up with patients who were unable to attend or did not convert on the day of the event, offering them another opportunity to save on their treatment. Over the next sixty days, these practices saw an uptick in case volume as they translated the momentum generated from their promotional efforts into significant revenue. Since hosting these events, many of these practices have also leveraged what they learned to plan and host subsequent events and drive case volumes even higher.

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1Data on file
2Among 13 independent practices conducting LYSD events between Aug 1 and Dec 31, 2022. New production ranged from 8 to 94 starts in the 60 days following their event (not inclusive of all LYSD events during this timeframe).
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