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Meet our CandidPro Smile Stars award winners! (Hygienist edition)

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Let these incredible hygienists brighten your day.

John Bergholz
Senior Brand Copywriter, CandidPro

This September, CandidPro announced our very first CandidPro Smile Stars award for hygienists. Why shine on hygienists? Because we believe that great overall health starts with great oral health. And, when it comes to protecting oral health, your dental hygienist is on the front lines. 

We put out a call for nominations and were thrilled at the response! We knew we had some stellar hygienists working in CandidPro practices, but the nominations really blew us away. The commitment and care these incredible dental professionals bring to their teams and patients every day is inspiring. Now, we’re proud to share all of our inaugural CandidPro Smile Stars award winners with you.

Each winner received Dental Hygiene Nation’s seasonal subscription box for one year, a limited-run CandidPro blanket, and a Smile Stars certificate!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Cuellar of South Florida Dentistry (Miami, FL), Suzareth Gonzalez of Ventura Dental (Kissimmee, FL), Amy Lee of San Francisco Cosmetic Dental Group, Jocelyn Bishop of Petrie Advanced Dental (Tacoma, WA), and Brittani Theriot of Apollonia Dental (Sugar Land, TX).


Here’s a little more information about each winner:

Severin Tomlinson of Sirin Dentistry (Elgin, IL)

Severin Tomlinson is a practiced professional in the art of making every patient feel comfortable in the hygiene chair. Beyond that, she’s an expert educator who has been pivotal in promoting the importance of addressing malocclusion among her hygiene patients. According to her nominator, “Her outstanding dedication, knowledge, and patient-centered approach make Severin a true asset to the profession and to our practice.”

Learn more about Sirin Dentistry at URL


Elizabeth Cuellar of South Florida Dentistry (Miami, FL)

Elizabeth has brought top-notch dental hygiene care to patients at South Florida Dentistry for over 19 years. She’s admired by her team for her innovative mindset and the deep trust she has built with so many patients over the years. She is also an advocate for protecting her patients’ long-term oral and overall health with CandidPro. According to her nominator, “Elizabeth is key to sharing CandidPro with our patients. She performs accurate occlusal analyses and is a pro at explaining how a straighter smile can benefit overall health.” 

Learn more about South Florida Dentistry at


Suzareth Gonzalez of Ventura Dental (Kissimmee, FL)

Suzareth’s nomination notes really blew us away with all the details her patients and peers had to share. She is clearly an incredible asset to Ventura Dental and a true advocate for the long-term health of her patients. According to her nominators, “Suzareth is the best! She is amazing to work with, and patients love her. She’s a caring person, an excellent co-worker, and she goes above and beyond to make sure patients understand the importance of good hygiene.”

Learn more about Ventura Dental 


Amy Lee of San Francisco Cosmetic Dental Group (San Francisco, CA)

Amy Lee is an expert at connecting clear aligner care to her patients’ hygiene goals and works hand-in-hand with her team to make sure patients understand the functional, periodontal, and aesthetic improvements that CandidPro can offer. According to her nominator, Amy strikes an ideal balance between approachability and expertise. “Amy is sweet, personable, and an extremely thorough hygienist. 

Learn more about San Francisco Cosmetic Dental Group at


Jocelyn Bishop of Petrie Advanced Dental (Tacoma, WA)

Petrie Advanced Dental wouldn’t be the same without Jocelyn Bishop. She’s not only an incredible advocate for her patients’ dental hygiene and overall health, she and her husband are both currently in CandidPro clear aligner therapy! According to her nominator, Jocelyn “can find common ground with any patient and creates the type of culture and relationships that align with our practice’s core values.”

Learn more about Petrie Advanced Dental at 


Brittani Theriot of Apollonia Dental (Sugar Land, TX) - People’s Choice Award Winner!

Brittani’s nominations reflected so many of the qualities we look for in a hygienist. She’s knowledgeable, compassionate, and genuinely listens to her patients’ needs. According to one of her peers, “Every patient leaves smiling bigger than when they came in. It’s such a joy to work with her.”  And, in the words of one of Brittani’s patients: “Even though I only see her once every six months, she always remembers our conversations, and we pick up right where we left off.” With an incredible 19 nominations, we are thrilled to award our CandidPro Smile Stars People’s Choice Award to this amazing dental professional.

Learn more about Apollonia Dental at


That does it for our 2023 CandidPro Smile Stars award winners. If you know a hygienist who you think deserves the same kind of recognition, keep an eye on our social channels and CandidPro communications for more information on next year’s Smile Stars Awards!


John Bergholz
John got his start in advertising, developing strategic messaging for a range of industry brands. He also helped launch a premier clear aligner education platform as their first Dean of Curriculum and has written website content for dental practices across the country.

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