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Treating mixed dentition cases is now easier than ever

CandidPro responds to the needs of providers and is now fully equipped to treat mixed dentition.

John Bergholz
Senior Brand Copywriter, CandidPro

CandidPro is proud to announce that we are now equipped to support mixed dentition cases. These newly expanded capabilities will enable our CandidPro providers to effectively treat a broader range of youth cases using our signature clear aligners and CandidMonitoring™ technology. Combined with our recently introduced unlimited refinement policy(1), our new mixed dentition features will offer our CandidPro providers—especially those focused on airway health—more breathing room to bring the best possible treatment to younger patients. 

Alongside features released earlier this year that brought support for IPR and attachments to our clinicians, support for mixed dentition cases opens the door for dental professionals to treat even more of their clear aligner patients with CandidPro. With this launch, our CandidPro dental professionals can now alert our treatment planning teams when a case includes mixed dentition and select which teeth require eruption compensation. 

Many of our airway-focused clinicians opt to begin orthodontic treatment while some of the patient’s primary teeth remain intact. Before this update, CandidPro required every patient to be at least 12 years old with a full set of adult teeth. Now, we will support all patients who have fully erupted upper and lower incisors and first molars, giving our providers the opportunity to offer CandidPro to all of their clear aligner patients. 

As a company that is dedicated to empowering dental professionals with clinical tools that help them treat patients confidently, we’re thrilled to offer our providers this highly anticipated feature. Finding a clear aligner partner that understands the goals of airway providers can be difficult, and support for mixed dentition cases is rare. With this feature release, we hope to provide an easier solution for all of your mixed dentition cases and firmly position CandidPro as a leading choice for practitioner-led clear aligner therapy.

We also know that treating younger patients presents a challenge to dental professionals from a compliance and hygiene perspective. We feel confident in providing support for mixed dentition because our remote CandidMonitoring technology helps monitor hygiene and drive compliance among even our youngest patients, thanks to our patient-facing CandidApp™, the #1-rated app in teledentistry.  

We’re looking forward to seeing how our providers leverage our mixed dentition support to benefit their patients and are excited to release further improvements to our doctor platform over the coming months. 

If you have any questions about treating mixed dentition cases or capabilities of the CandidPro orthodontic system, you can contact our team.

(1) Unlimited refinements within three years of start of treatment, based on specific provider contract terms
John Bergholz
John got his start in advertising, developing strategic messaging for a range of industry brands. He also helped launch a premier clear aligner education platform as their first Dean of Curriculum and has written website content for dental practices across the country.

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