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We’re all-in on CandidPro

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There’s now one name for both our doctor and patient products.

Clear Aligner System

When we shuttered our direct-to-consumer business in 2022, we put all of our resources into building the best platform for doctors like you. Now, we’re beginning the process of transitioning all of our patient-facing branding to CandidPro to provide a simpler brand experience for you and your patients. 

If you're a CandidPro provider, here’s what you need to know about our ongoing brand transition:

Why change the product name?

We believe this change clarifies our current product offering and will benefit both our CandidPro doctors and their patients by presenting a more uniform brand identity and solidifying CandidPro as a doctor-directed clear aligner system. 

Are you changing the name of your company?

No. Candid is still the name of our company, and Candid offers our professional-only CandidPro system to doctors. Our CandidPro doctors offer CandidPro clear aligners to their patients. 

How quickly will this change take place?

Many patient-facing digital assets are already updated with CandidPro branding. Physical goods and other resources will be addressed over the coming months. 

What if my patient receives an aligner kit with Candid branding on it?

Physical goods like the aligner kit will be among the last pieces to be updated in an effort to be environmentally conscious. Please let patients know that they are still receiving high-quality CandidPro clear aligners even if their aligner kit says Candid.

Are the names for CandidApp™ and CandidMonitoring™ changing?

No. CandidApp™ and CandidMonitoring™ will be unchanged. References to CandidPro clear aligners on each platform will be updated. 

What about my old in-office banners and posters?

Reach out to your Account Executive for help ordering updated in-office marketing materials. Many of these are already revised in your Ignition Kit. 

What should I tell my patients if they have questions?

Let them know that this name change reflects our dedication to doctor-directed care and is merely a name change. They can expect the same high-quality treatment and appliances they expect from Candid. 

What do I need to do with this information?

Start using the name CandidPro with your patients, on your website, and on social media. Your Ignition Kit has already been updated with plenty of CandidPro assets to get you started.

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