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Why Candid shut down the D2C business model

40 min watch

Dr. Ben Miraglia and Candid's CEO, Nick Greenfield, join Dr. Len Tau on the Raving Patients Podcast.

Clear Aligner System

Hear why Candid folded the D2C business in favor of a practitioner-lead treatment model: the factors behind the decision, the future of B2B marketing strategies in dentistry, and more in this video interview with Dr. Lenoard Tau.

Dr. Ben Miraglia also joins to talk about his personal experiences joining CandidPro and how Candid provided him with a level of control and quality unlike anything else on the market.

Also discussed are the oncoming shift from D2C to B2B marketing strategies, plus some tips on evolving as a business and meeting your customers where they're at.

An orthodontic platform leverageing best-in-class technology, a game-changing approach to partnership, and clinical expertise to give doctors more.

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