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Why parents are choosing CandidPro clear aligners

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Two moms share why they picked CandidPro over braces and other clear aligner brands.

John Bergholz
Senior Brand Copywriter, CandidPro

Though no teen, or parent, truly looks forward to orthodontic treatment, we talked to two moms who describe a fairly painless process getting their sons in treatment with CandidPro. Celeste Breaux and Glyn Walker are both Texas moms dedicated to their sons' oral health. We talked to them about using CandidPro to straighten their kids’ teeth, their own experiences with braces, and how they came to choose CandidPro. 

Why did you choose CandidPro to straighten your son’s teeth?

Glyn Walker: Ayden, who was 16 when he started treatment, had been bugging me about braces and about his teeth, so myself having had braces, knew all the ins and outs of it—the wires poking, the rubber bands, and the tightening. I thought that he would be a better candidate for aligners instead of traditional braces because it’s less trouble for a teen, which is a good thing. It was just take them off, brush, pop them back in. 

Was it tough for your teen to get the hang of wearing aligners?

Celeste Breaux: The team showed Tysan, who is 13, how to do CandidMonitoring™ and walked him step by step through taking scans, advancing through treatment, all of it. I didn’t have to show him how to do it every time. It was easy for someone in his age group to figure it out. 

Did you consider going with wire braces?

GW: When I got my braces off, I forgot to wear my retainer, and my teeth shifted back. I had to get braces put back on for another six months!

Another thing about braces is that once you get them off, you still have to wear a retainer anyway. So, to me, wearing CandidPro aligners helps get him in the groove of wearing his retainers already versus a mindset with braces that says, “I got my braces off, I’m fine, I’m done." But after braces, your teeth start to shift and it’s not yet ingrained in you to put on your retainer. 

What was your biggest reservation going in?

CB: I did have reservations because I thought it was a big responsibility for a kid to keep up with. But Tysan got pretty acclimated once he started wearing them. He was really good about wearing them. I told him that even if they hurt you have to keep them in. And he did well. And because he made progress, it wasn’t that painful. 

GW: Compliance was on my mind sure, because, as a parent you don’t want your money to go to waste. So I’d ask frequently “Are you wearing your aligners?” and he’s like, “I've got em in.” He’d be at his dad’s and we’re on FaceTime, and I’m checking to see if he’s got them in but I’m that type of mom.

Would you recommend CandidPro to other parents?

CB: I recommended CandidPro to a friend who went with another company and she told me that there were no check-ins during treatment. I’m glad I went this route to have a licensed professional checking in every step of the way. 

Have you seen any changes in your son?

GW: I’ve seen a growth or increase in Ayden’s confidence, in his smile. I know he liked the teeth whitener so putting that in with the trays has helped make him feel good about himself. 

CB: People always compliment Tysan’s smile now, which is kinda new to him. Tysan isn’t an image kid, even when his teeth were crooked. It wasn’t until last year when he got taller and thinner and his teeth were straight people were like, "Oh he’s good looking."

John Bergholz
John got his start in advertising, developing strategic messaging for a range of industry brands. He also helped launch a premier clear aligner education platform as their first Dean of Curriculum and has written website content for dental practices across the country.

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