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Candid doubles down on its B2B CandidPro service

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Candid closed its DTC offering and doubles down on dental practitioners.

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NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2022 /Candid/ -- Today, the revolutionary clear aligner brand Candid has announced the closing of its direct-to-consumer business and all 45 of its Studio locations and a hard pivot into its B2B CandidPro service. CandidPro is a vanguard telehealth model that dentists, DSOs, and orthodontists can use to treat clear aligner cases remotely, and promises to be a significant revenue generator for dental practices. 

"This pivot is a huge bet on CandidPro," says CEO and cofounder Nick Greenfield. "But it's a bet we're really comfortable making because over the last five years of testing, learning, and iterating with our DTC business, we saw the true product-market fit of our CandidPro product. To offer the best dental care, you need dentists and orthodontists collaborating and we're thrilled to be working in concert, not competition."

CandidPro has grown 10x in both case volume and revenue since Q3 of 2021.

Candid was founded in 2017 as a digitally native DTC clear aligner brand, and in the last five years has served nearly 100,000 patients with their clear aligner treatment and patent-pending CandidRx tooth movement methodology. A standout company in the space, Candid now brings the full freight of its consumer sales acumen, deep audience insights, and strong consumer brand directly to its partner practices. 

Since CandidPro's launch, the service has become available in 300+ individual dental practices across the country, and Candid has partnered with several DSOs with many more lined up to follow. CandidPro has grown 10x in both case volume and revenue since Q3 of 2021. By the end of 2022, CandidPro expects explosive growth to over 1,000 offices ranging across all 50 states. 

"We founded Candid to democratize high quality orthodontic care, prioritizing excellent outcomes and a great patient experience over attractive but unsustainable growth," says Greenfield. "We also listened to our patients, who overwhelmingly told us that though they loved the convenience of our DTC solution, they also wanted to straighten their teeth in the care of an in-person doctor. CandidPro allows people to get the smiles of their dreams while also giving dentists the technology, support, and partnership they need to grow their practices and deliver superior care for their patients." 

Experts at the forefront of the dental industry have been signing on with CandidPro in droves, including leading dentist Dr. Ben Miraglia and former Head of Dentistry for Walmart Health, Dr. Roshan Parikh, among others. 

"I've been treating clear aligners patients for 17 years and, by joining CandidPro, have experienced a level of control over the volume and quality of treatment I'm able to offer my patients that is unlike anything else on the market," says Dr. Ben Miraglia, a former Invisalign faculty member who has been practicing dentistry for 29 years. 

"For us to really live out our mission of helping as many people as possible access affordable and efficient oral care, this pivot was absolutely necessary," says Greenfield. "After having been on the ground testing out CandidPro with our professional and clinical team for half of 2021, I am entirely confident that there is not only a clear product-market fit for CandidPro, but that this business model shift from D2C to strategic B2B is the way of the future." 

About Candid:

Candid offers a cutting-edge clear aligner orthodontic system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for doctors and their patients. Candid brings high-quality orthodontic care and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across the United States. Learn more at



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