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CandidPro's latest partnership is a touchdown for Philly

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CandidPro's streamlined system will increase caseloads for Dudhat Dental Group while preserving clinical time.

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PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK, March 8, 2022 /Candid/ -- Philadelphia football fans and players have a new home for convenient orthodontic care: Dudhat Dental Group. Dr. Dilip Dudhat has recently signed on with clear aligner innovator, CandidPro, as the area's largest CandidPro provider to date. This strategic partnership gives CandidPro a firm foothold in a major market and presents Dudhat Dental Group with a unique opportunity: the ability to offer clear aligner therapy to a larger population of patients who couldn't enter into treatment because of time or cost—without sacrificing the clinical oversight needed to drive excellent results.  

Dudhat Dental Group began as a single dental practice but has transformed into a Philadelphia-area institution, with 29 practices operating under its banner. In 2021, Dr. Dudhat's reputation for clinical excellence and comprehensive care earned his practice the distinction of being named the "Official Dentist of the Philadelphia Eagles".  

For Dr. Dudhat, partnering with CandidPro represents a logical next step for his business.

"CandidPro will be a key factor in growing our organization," says Dr. Dudhat. "With the help of their streamlined system, our clinicians now have the bandwidth to increase caseloads while preserving clinical time for other procedures."

CandidPro's clear aligner system brings the latest remote monitoring technology to any dental practice or DSO. Their system enabled the company to successfully treat over 100,000 patients remotely between 2017 and 2022 as a direct-to-consumer company. Now that Candid has ended its direct-to-consumer business and refocused on its network of CandidPro clinical partners, organizations like Dudhat Dental Group are eager to bring CandidPro's telehealth tech into their practices.

"We're equipping practices with the tools they've wanted for years," says Candid's Vice President of Sales, Brian Ganey. "Our clear aligner system gives organizations of any size the ability to meet the burgeoning demand for clear aligners without increasing staffing or spending hours on in-person check-ins. It's a huge win for practices and patients alike."

As an on-call physician for a professional sports organization, Dr. Dudhat knows first-hand the value that saving clinical time presents to his practices and all of their patients.

"With CandidPro, we get more oversight through virtual check-ins that keep patients engaged," he says. "It reduces the expense to our patients by reducing time away from work and family."

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